We are located in Cubelles, in the province of Barcelona, Spain. If you would like to visit us you are always more than welcome. We are a small team comprised of Silvia (the friendly voice that will answer your call), Miriam (she designs and drives a motorbike very well) and David (who will happily prepare your order in our warehouse). In addition, there is my brother Óscar and myself, Javi. Óscar is our sales agent, always on the go, visiting the professionals who sell our products in their stores. 
Speaking of stores, I recommend you shop in them. Behind each of them is a family business, a story…  In a time when large corporations encompass more and more products, the local business and small brands are of vital importance if we want to maintain the authenticity and the variety of a market.

We like to be honest in everything we do, without tricks or gimmicks. We are very aware of the importance of our products, that are going to be in contact with no more and no less than the skin of a mother and above all, of a baby. 

Could we say that our quality is excessive? We don’t think so. For this reason we want to share the story of Pol, Óscar's son (not my brother, but a friend with the same name). When Pol was born, my brother gifted him with one of our cribs (Moses basket). Pol used and enjoyed it until it was time to move to a cot. This crib was passed to his neighbour who had a baby girl, she used and enjoyed it until it was given to another friend who, as you can guess, used it and enjoyed it until it was passed on to the next… As it never went too far, my brother's friend Óscar was able to let us know that it ended up going to 10 different families!! We no longer manufacture cribs, but our philosophy about the quality of our products remains the same!  
Now that you know us a little better, if you would like to see how far we go, follow us on our Instagram or Facebook, share your experiences of parenthood with us and don't hesitate to contact us through any means. We understand all the doubts that pregnancy and parenthood can bring with it and that is why we are here to help you with anything you need.

About me…
I remember myself surrounded by sewing machines, their sound, fabric scraps on the floor and that cloud of fabric dust that settles on your nose and constantly tickles. It’s because I was born in 1981 and in 1982 my father had the idea to set up a workshop and create his own brand of baby bedding, something very pioneering at the time. Since then this world has been my own. Perhaps it seems a bit excessive, but no, I suppose many boys dream of being like their fathers when they are older, and this is what my father did. Who knows if my daughter will follow in my footsteps…

Andrea y yo
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